Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Australia Power Pop by The Chevelles - Girl God (2002 Zip Records) Flac & mp3@320

Sharing the writing duties, lead singers Adrian Allen and Duane Smith come across as the Fastball from down under. Sweet guitar hooks steering a tight rhythm section kick off "Every Moment," and from there on, every moment on this album brims with power pop ideal for long car rides in the summer. "Make It Happen" relies more on the melody and makes small use of either a xylophone or triangle, something Smith opts for throughout the record. On the other hand, Allen uses more guitar for a slightly harder, edgier sound, such as "First Time -- Last Time."

The first few songs are all possible singles, and there is no hint of filler, but the title track seems to have the finest single quality. "C'Mon Everybody" is one of the weaker tunes here and sounds a bit like the Beach Boys. One of the best tracks is "Round and Round." It's one of the few times drummer David Huck Shaw gets to show his chops. "Goodbye Sally" is another stellar power pop song and has a hint of a string section near its conclusion.

If there's one negative to the album, it's perhaps how interchangeable the songs are. While all very strong, none particularly stand out, but "Angelina Jolie" has far more urgency and intensity than the other songs. The same could be said for the adorable "Sleeper," with its great guitar finish. "Sunshine" has a melody similar to Wet Wet Wet's hit "Love Is All Around."(allmusic)

Great Power Pop album by an often underrated band of this genre. If you like Power Pop you will like this.
Have fun
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