Friday, 9 June 2017

VA - Scratch My Back ~ Pye Beat Girls 1963-1968 (2016) mp3@320

Ace dipped into the Decca vaults a couple of times but 2016's Scratch My Back! Pye Beat Girls 1963-1968 is the first time they've dug through the swinging sounds of Pye's female acts of the '60s. Dating as early as 1963 and as late as 1968 -- aka, the golden age of British pop -- this compilation feels like it's anchored in the mid-'60s, a place where the pop is heavily orchestrated but not stuffy; most of these 24 tracks contain a lightness of spirit and many are often clever.

Sometimes, things get plenty strange -- the weirdest moment is, of course, Glenda Collins' "It's Hard to Believe It," a 1967 recording beloved by Joe Meek cultists -- but usually this is bouncy, jubilant pop equal parts freakbeat, Beatles, Bacharach, and Motown, the kind of thing that's bound to bring joy to listeners of a certain stripe.(

This is a very fine collection of female pop music in Britain in the sixties. Recommendable!
Very nice artwork with well done liner notes about the artists.
Have fun
               Frank   mp3@320  

If there is somebody who have this in lossless and would be so kind to share it, please email me. :-) 



  1. SB1, really looking forward to this! A magical period. Thanks!

  2. Thank You for this music.
    Is it possible for this set in FLAC?

    Kind Regards

    1. I am sorry, i don't have it. If i get it i will upload.
      Kind regards