Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Pop Legends Mariani & Easter: DM3 - Dig It The Most (1997 Bomp Records) Flac & mp3@320

Mitch Easter produced most of the 20 tracks assembled for this release, which mines the currents of classic power-pop with its tightly constructed, harmony-heavy songs. The mood is perennially upbeat, with occasional imaginative folk-rock or psychedelic twists. It doesn't break new ground, but power-pop is itself such a self-consciously classicist form that it might be unreasonable to expect anything more of a 1990s band devoted to the style. It's energetically, confidently performed, and bound to please Yellow Pills subscribers, which for acts such as these is probably reward enough(allmusic)

Power Pop Legends Dom Mariani and Mitch Easter worked together in 1997. The result is '' Dig It The Most'', an classical Dom Mariani effort. The straight forward rockers and poppers shows Mariani and band in best shape. In songs like ''Something heavy'' or ''Fair Weather Friend'' the influence of Easter is good to hear.
Here are a lot of songs who are really great. Sometimes i thought in the past it was a matter of course for the audition that Mariani did strong albums. I am not sure if the work from Mariani is really appreciated by the audition  how he and his work it have deserved. Howoever, this is a very fine work and i highly recommend it.

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  1. One of the best compilations by one of the best power pop bands ever! Thank you.

  2. Thanks Frank lovin' your blog.