Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Part Three! Various Artists - Decca Originals - The Northern Soul Scene 1998 (Decca Records) Flac & mp3

Good morning Folks, in Germany people say ''He's stood up with the wrong leg'' and that means someone is in a very bad mood. That's how i feel today. Midges prick all over my body this night. Can't get enough sleep due to the midges. Sometimes life is hard, lol. The reason why i tell you this is that i thought how i can i improve my mood and i took a shower and i listened to an old northern soul sampler. And now i sit here and decided to post next the northern soul scene volume. Sometimes life is easy :-) . I stop now this small talk and here are the links.

  Flac p1  & Flac p2         mp3@320

Have fun

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  1. thank you so much for all !!!!!!!!!!
    chris turpin from paris