Friday, 16 June 2017

From Peru: We All Together - Singles 1973-74 (2011) Flac & mp3

The 2007 compilation Singles rounds up the 13 tracks that never appeared on We All Together's two proper albums. This description suggests that Singles has a motherload of rare material, which isn't quite true: the two LPs were reissued on CD and were graced with bonus tracks that happened to be taken from these singles, so all but a handful of these tunes should be familiar to fans.

Fortunately, that handful of tracks -- unlike the proper albums, these rare cuts are mostly in Spanish, with "We Live Too Fast" being the only one in English -- maintain the group's high standards, offering wonderful evocations of Paul McCartney and Badfinger.

That's enough for the devoted to pick this up, but anybody who has yet to fall in love with We All Together will find this a good introduction to their charms.(

Just for in case someone misunderstand what the reviewer says (that's what first happened to me. lol), from all 13 songs here three are in spanish language and ten are in english language.
I love this band and i think you will do if you don't know them yet.
Very Beatles inspired stuff here. They wrote very good stuff and one of my favourites is 'We Live Too Fast'. But there is a lot more fine stuff.

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p.s.: I will post their albums later, too.

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  1. Amazing band! Truly talented, if they would have been from any other part of the world now they would be legends.