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V.A. - Fairytales Can Come True Vol.4 - We All Love The Human Race (British Psychedelia, Psychedelic Pop, Sunshine Pop) Flac

V.A. - Fairytales Can Come True (4 Disc Compilation)

The idea of this compilation is to present obscure British recordings from the late '60s that had a definite psychedelic feel, but also had a lot of harmony pop influence
at work as well. Often this led to a particularly precious branch of psychedelia dubbed (long after the fact) by some collectors as "toytown" music,
in part because of a preoccupation with British character sketches, childhood nostalgia, and fantasy that was largely absent from American psychedelic rock.There's some of that here, but fortunately this largely steers clear of excessively precious and twee material, though some of it does have the good-time bounce
that leaked down to so many bands from the circa-1967 Beatles and Kinks. None of these were hits or anything close to it, of course, but some general '60s collectors
might actually recognize some of the musicians, particularly the Searchers (represented by a fairly respectable, and seldom anthologized, late-'60s 45, "Umbrella Man");Jackie Lomax, as leader of the Lomax Alliance; Los Bravos, of "Black Is Black" fame (here heard covering the Easybeats' song "Bring a Little Lovin'"); Ian Matthews,
heard on the Pyramid's breezy "Summer of Last Year," recorded shortly before he joined Fairport Convention; and Hedgehoppers Anonymous and the Roulettes,
both of whom had a little U.K. success on record in the '60s. What's most impressive about this compilation, however, is that there's a fair amount of variety in the selections,
encompassing an obscure Troggs cover (Barry Benson's "Cousin Jane"), almost raw folk-rock (Hedgehoppers Anonymous' "Daytime"), sub-Walker Brothers balladeering
(the Virgil Brothers' "Look Away"), and nearly baroque moodiness with influence from both classical music and Beach Boys harmonies
(Fred Lloyd's "Kissed Him," Dreams' "A Boy Needs a Girl," and Dave Christie's "Penelope Breedlove"). If you want more singsongy sugary stuff, that's here, too, but not so
much so that listening to the CD gets to be an overly sickly sweet experience. It's definitely an anthology for deep U.K. psych specialists, but likely one of the better ones
in this subgenre to ever be compiled.(

This is a compilation of four discs i will post one by one. The first disc is called 'We All Love The Human Race'' and is volume four. I start with the last and will end with the first volume. Why? Just for fun. I will post the series in mp3 a few days later but as fast as ... Okay here is the track list and i hope you will enjoy because this is no second class psychedelic pop and a lot of very fine songs are gathered here.

Tracks: (Vol 4) - We All Love the Human Race

       1  The Blue Sound of Love  Alan Dell  5:00 
       2  Changes in Our Time  Colin Giffin  3:18 
       3  The Maze of Yesterday  Projection  2:27 
       4  Lonely Man  Justin's Timepiece  2:28 
       5  Hiding Behind My Smile  Iberos  2:46 
       6  Little Maid's Song  Sasha Caro  2:54 
       7  Makin' Love to Him  Tim Andrews, Paul Korda  2:10 
       8  Letter to Josephine  Haystack  2:49 
       9  Heart Trouble  Eyes Of Blue  2:33 
       10  I Feel No Pain  Newby  2:34 
       11  Movie Star  Cherry Smash  3:14 
       12  We've Got a Groovy Thing Going  Ola & The Janglers  2:15 
       13  Latisha  Dave Berry  2:31 
       14  Maker of Mistakes  Chris Andrews  2:37 
       15  Wish You Were Here  Darlings  3:03 
       16  Six Angels & Three Girls  Modus Vivendi  2:34 
       17  We All Love the Human Race  Wayne Fontana  2:02 
       18  She Does  Plastic Penny  3:05 
       19  I Don't Want You (Any More)  John Burness  2:06 
       20  Morning  Jack Carter  2:17

Have fun
              Frank                   Flac part1 (Vol.4)   &   Flac part2 (Vol.4)
                                                                       mp3 Vol.4

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