Monday, 15 May 2017

Power Pop From Great Britain: Jackdaw4 - Retrospectacles (Compilation - Gramophone Logic 2005 & Bipolar Diversions 2008) (2009) Flac & mp3

Jackdaw4 - Retrospectacles ( Compilation of the first two albums )

This are the first and the second album of the Power Pop project Jackdaw4. Jackdaw4 was the brainchild of Willie Dowling and the band released in the ten years lasting career four albums. As i said this are the first two and both are great Power Pop efforts at its best. Jackdaw4 was very influenced by XTC, Beatles, older 10cc and Jellyfish.
The songs 11-14 are bonus tracks and wasn't on the original album. Track 11 Violent Streak from Gramophone logic was a hide track on the original CD release.

Have fun
               Frank          mp3 part1   &   mp3 part2

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