Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Top notch Power Pop from LATVIAN RADIO - For Love & Spite 2014 (CD Baby) Flac & mp3

LATVIAN RADIO has spent a full decade now crafting their own brand of lyrically charged and sonically intelligent indie-power-pop. Amplifier Magazine labeled their songs as “Music as both entertainment and art. Truly the best variety.”

“Heartfelt, clever lyrics and sonically intelligent, the boisterous LATVIAN RADIO relishes an underground garage sound with the feel of sunshine pop.”  Amplifer Magazine

 Latvian Radio has been a mainstay on college radio since their 2006 release “Happiness Above A Hardwood Floor”. San Francisco based “Bagel Radio” had them in the top 5 for three straight weeks and “Saturday Left Her On The Floor” made their list of top 50 songs of 2006 at number 32. Their second album “Seven Layers Of Self Defense” made the CMJ top 200 chart for five straight weeks. Absolute Power Pop had it on their best records of the year list in 2009, and then again in 2014 when “For love & spite” made it into the top 10. Powerpopaholic wrote: “Overall a terrific album without a wasted track”.

"Power pop at it's very best, intelligent and well crafted by musicians at the height of their imagination and creativity." -The Ringmaster Review

 There is plenty to love here, from the jangle pop of "To Find You There" and "On Display" to more reflective numbers like "North Of The Keys" and "Stand Clear Of The Closing Doors". And with the uptempo melodies of the title track and "Oh No", For Love & Spite is like an instant party you can attend whenever you put on the album".
- Absolute Powerpop

The press has linked LATVIAN RADIO to Elvis Costello & the Attractions, the Replacements, Brendan Benson, Big Star, early REM, The Shins and the Decemberists.

All the things the press wrote (and write) about the band is true and songs like these from the For Love & Spite album deserve press reviews like these you can read here.
Very good power pop and if you don't know the band give it a try you will not disappointed.
         Frank       Flac link1   &   Flac link2

Sorry no artwork :-( 

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