Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Dummies-Glam-Lea-Bubblegum-Holder-FrankLea-Slade-Pop!1991! Flac & mp3

Hello Folks, today i post an album from a hero at the end of my childhood and the start of my earliest teens. Slade were beside other glam poppers like Bolan, Sweet and a lot of one hit wonders the heros of my first musical hormone adventures.
Jim Lea member of Slade and classical trained musician was the head of this Slade side project called 'The Dummies' and wrote a lot of the songs, partly with Noddy Holder, Singer and guitarist of Slade.
The album is a very poppy thing with sounds of bubblegum, echoes of new wave sounds and well known Sladealike melody work. A song like 'When the Lights Are Out'' is an all time classic in the history of Jim Lea/Slade. This album is a very good pop work and never boring. The most fun to me are the guitars here and the fine melodies with the very good vocal arrangements. If i am ninety years old this kind of music will let me feel thirteen and that's the best what i can say about this music.

Have fun
              Frank       Flac part 1   &    Flac part 2

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