Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Susanna Hoffs - Susanna Hoffs 1996 (Polydor KK Japan) Flac & mp3

Delivered five years after her botched solo debut, Susanna Hoffs' eponymous second album is a remarkably accomplished and catchy collection of mature jangle-pop, power-pop and ballads. Combining originals with well-chosen covers like the Lightning Seeds' "All I Want," the album is an infectious and engaging set of melodic pop that also happens to be Hoffs' most introspective and personal record to date. The combination of sweet melodies and reflective songwriting makes Susanna Hoffs a remarkable artistic comeback from a performer that many would have thought was past her prime.(allmusic)

Susanna Hoffs was never the egyptian barbie girl. She is a great performer and musician with a special voice and yes she's looking very good. All things and skills an artist need (maybe except good lookin' but it could make some things easier) if he want to have success. And hard working. And Susanna Hoffs is a hard worker. All that are also the requirements to make an album like this. With very good songs. With catchy songs. With all the things a good pop album needs. And that is this album. Fine jangly Pop/Power Pop music.

         SB1   Flac part1 &  Flac part2  &  Flac part3     -  mp3@320


  1. Noticed a glitch on the a full and partial track 15...just a heads up.

    1. Thanks for the info, Jerry. I will fix it.

    2. Now i know what you mean Jerry. You can delete the partial track. I believe to remember that happened because my software had problems with the hidden track.

    3. ...or better said, i had problems with the software and the hidden track, lol.