Wednesday, 24 May 2017

July - July 1968 + Four Bonus Tracks (2008 Rev-Ola Remaster ) Flac & mp3

July has come to be highly prized, mainly for the presence of "My Clown," which is considered to be one of the great psychedelic singles of all time. Tom Newman, who went on to glory as the engineer of choice for Mike Oldfield, handles the vocals for the majority of the album (the exception being Chris Jackson's "Crying Is for Writers"), as well as the majority of the songwriting. Tony Duhig, who later moved on to start Jade Warrior and Assagai, provides guitars and a strong sense of Indian music, although the greater part of his participation is via warbling and groaning guitars, and a fortunately blazing solo in the midst of the otherwise painful "Crying Is for Writers."
Very good psychedelia, for the most part, but a bit dated in places and heavily influenced by much of the music coming from the direction of San Francisco at that time. The first six cuts are perhaps the most essential, going by the original vinyl release: "My Clown" and "Dandelion Seeds" are delightful, while "Jolly Mary" is simply good fun.
[Originally released in 1968, July was reissued on an import-only Japanese CD in 2005. The 2008 CD reissue on Rev-Ola adds four bonus tracks, including the non-LP 1968 single "Hello, Who's There?" and the 45 versions of three songs from the album, "My Clown," "Dandelion Seeds," and "The Way." It also has lengthy historical liner notes from British psychedelia expert David Wells.]

I got this Rev-Ola release some days ago and i thought it could be a good idea to post it here, also because the four bonus tracks and Rev-Ola had done a great job here again. Very nice artwork with great liner notes. To talk about this fantastic popsike album is ''wie Eulen nach Athen tragen''. (it's a german figure of speech and means in this case and sense 'to talk about something what everybody anyway knows') I love the album since my first listen. For all the people here that never heard it i highly recommend it.

Have fun

Flac part1   &   Flac part2    - mp3@320

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