Tuesday, 23 May 2017

If You Are One Of The Guys Or Girls Who have ....

...if you are one of the guys or girls who have sleep since you downloaded ''The Rationals - Think Rational 1965-68'' here, please look in your folders and check the disc files. Disc 2 is the same as Disc 1. I posted new Flac links and tomorrow the new mp3 links will follow. I confess i have sleep, too. Reader FRANCK was so kind to send a comment. Thanks for that FRANCK.

All waked up now?  :-)  

Have a nice day all together folks


  1. Right i understand latter the kind of pbs. about cd 2 if the tracks read same as cd 1 in fact the sound (and time) are rights this is the right songs even if it's wrote as cd 1.

    many tanks cause your site is one of the ten best of the web

  2. Thank you very much!!! All the best!!