Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Great westcoast pop psychedelic album by Merrell Fankhauser and H.M.S. Bounty - Things 1968 (1997 Sundazed) Flac & mp3

After cutting some fine folk-rock and psychedelia on ultra-rare records with his group the Exiles, guitarist, singer, and songwriter Merrell Fankhauser moved to Los Angeles, retitled his backing group H.M.S. Bounty, and recorded a fine, if obscure, slice of pop-psychedelia in 1968, Things. The diverse offerings on the group's sole LP recalled such fellow Californian heavyweights as the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Moby Grape, and even Captain Beefheart. They weren't quite in the same league as those legends, but the album has a light and enigmatic air all its own, and is well worth investigation by fans of late-'60s West Coast psychedelia. The group evolved into the interesting mystical avant-garde/blues/progressive rock group Mu in the early '70s.

Fine, tuneful '60s psychedelia with a pop edge, featuring Fankhauser's first-rate songwriting and warm vocals. About half of the tunes are excellent, especially the country-rocker "Your Painted Lives," and the folk-rock ballad "Ice Cube Island," and "A Visit with Ashiya," one of the best raga-rock songs ever cut. (allmusic.com)

Hello Folks, this is a historical day to me. I can't remember that i could second a review by Richie Unterberger(critic from allmusic.com, music journalist, author) for nearly hundred percent. Today it have happened. And that's really nice because this album earns every word of a good critic. Nice psychedelic pop songs with a very own note. Nearly the whole album is a giant enjoyment. If you don't know the man and his band i recommend this album to give it try.

Enjoy it
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