Monday, 17 April 2017

Power Pop/Rock By The Model Rockets - Hi Lux (1994) Flac & mp3

After the breakup of Stumpy Joe, several members re-formed in 1993 as a punked-out power-pop outfit called the Glory Stompers, which was soon changed to the Model Rockets because of an identically named band. The initial lineup included guitarist/lead vocalist John Ramberg, gutiarist Grant Johnson, bassist Boyd Remillard, and drummer Graham Black. After a local Seattle single and a compilation appearance, the Model Rockets released their debut album, Hilux, on Lucky Records, which was produced by ex-Young Fresh Fellow Scott McCaughey.

Johnson left the band in late 1994 and was replaced by former Chemistry Set member Scott Sutherland. Switching to the C/Z label, the Rockets supported their second album, 1996's Snatch It Back and Hold It, with a successful tour of Spain.

The band play a nice style of Power Pop and similar styles here on the album. Well arranged and the production of Scott McCaughey made it to a fine debut album.
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