Monday, 17 April 2017

Pugwash - Eleven Modern Antiquities 2008 Flac & mp3

If Jollity was Pugwash's Skylarking then 11 Modern Antiquities is Oranges and Lemons. There's more of a sheen and swagger to up-tempo tracks Take Me Away, You're Friend and Its So Fine. Fans of the bands more whimsical tunes will adore the Andy Partridge co-writes My Genius and At The Sea and anyone with a taste for accessible psychedelia will lap up the Micheal Penn assisted Limerance. Another fine album from a criminally overlooked band.(reader review

Everyone compares the band with XTC and it's hard don't do it, i know. But the band just can lose this comparisons. And to compare 11 Modern Antiquities with Oranges And Lemons from XTC is like compare apples and oranges, lol. Wanna say it's a little bit like compare XTC with the Beatles. It's flattering but have nothing to do with the reality. Reality is that the Beatles and XTC are favourite bands of me. And reality is 11 Modern Antiquities is a quite good album that sometimes remembers to XTC and often to the Beatles...or to apples?

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  1. Wow - Pugwash is fantastic - more of their releases please if you have them. thanks!

  2. I discovered these guys last year and was really impressed with what they're doing - great post!