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U.S. Power Pop By Adam Daniel - Blue Pop 1999 (mp3)

Blue Pop stands among the best guitar-pop albums of the '90s with swirling melodies, unforgettable hooks, and heartbreaking sincerity. With its release, Adam Daniel establishes himself as another gifted, though commercially overlooked, songwriter in the vein of Tommy Keene and Marshall Crenshaw. Ranging from spiteful ("Breaking Up") to unabashedly optimistic ("Simple Things"), Daniel hits every point on the romantic spectrum. Though he deals with typical subject matter, he manages to inject enough personality into his songs to make them unique. "Her Shake" is an energetic attack of punchy guitars and singalong harmonies that will leave any true pop fan reeling, while "Cured twists and turns until it's completely embedded into your brain. Other highlights include the tragically sad "Why I Can't Be Beside You" and the dreamy "Battle Song."

Like many professionals in the music business, Adam Daniel started playing a musical instrument early in life. When he was six years old, he took up the piano. The guitar followed three years later, and songwriting was soon a skill that the young musician was doing well enough to perform tunes in hometown bands. Upon his graduation from high school, Daniel headed to California to become a student at UCLA. He juggled his classes with time spent as a producer and session musician. After obtaining his degree in 1995, Daniel started to put together some new songs for a demo. Independent label APG Music offered him a recording contract, and Daniel's demo evolved into Blue Pop, his first album. APG, an East Coast company, issued the debut in 1999. The mix of pop and dreamy ballads stirred some interest, and Daniel's album landed among the Top 100 on college radio, where it remained for two months. Television, too, discovered Daniel's music. "Cured," which was featured on Blue Pop, made an appearance early in 2001 on Jack and Jill, a program aired by the WB network. That same year, Jenifer, a movie aired by CBS, included "Her Shake." Both "Cured" and "Her Shake" landed in the WB network's Felicity late in 2001, while the following year saw "Who'll Hold On (To My Heart)" used in NBC's The Matthew Shepard Story in 2002. "Cured" also returned to Felicity in 2002. Daniel performs with his group, the Adam Daniel Frequency, for which he provides piano, guitar, and vocals. The lineup also includes drummer Scott Sadlon, and bass player and vocalist Brian Nussle.
If you don't know this guy give him and the album a try. Very good work!
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