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SunshineFolkPopRock! Daughters Of Albion - Daughters Of Albion 1968 (2008)Flac

Inspired by the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Daughters of Albion took a hook-laden, harmony-filled approach to late-'60s rock. Representing the combined efforts of vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Greg Dempsey and vocalist Kathy Yesse, Daughters of Albion failed to match critical expectations. Billboard described the duo as "a striking voice but uneven material."
Featuring original songs by Dempsey, some written with Dave Luff, Daughters of Albion's sole self-titled album was produced and arranged by Leon Russell.
After the duo's breakup, Yesse went to record a solo album, Boogie Bands & One Night Stands, as Kathy Dalton, in 1973. Produced by Dempsey, and featuring accompaniment by Van Dyke Parks, Carl Wilson, and members of Little Feat, the album was later renamed Amazing and reissued, with one different track by Frank Zappa's Discreet label.

Daughters of Albion is happy Californian pop/rock music, imbued with streaks of the kind of weirdness that only cropped up in otherwise normal pop/rock records in the late 1960s. Some of the harmonies are good, if a little on the super-sweet and high side. The odd interjections of orchestration and weird little effects -- most likely producer Leon Russell was a strong contributor in this regard -- make this more interesting than you might expect from the basis of the songs alone. If you're looking for rough ballpark cult figures that might indicate whether you should seek this out, it's kind of between the albums of the era by Millennium and the Judy Henske-Jerry Yester duo. With its frequent good-time bounce, it's closer to Millennium than the darker and more resonant Henske-Yester collaboration, though it doesn't sound extremely close to either act, and isn't as good as either. Still, the better tracks, like "Candle Songs," conjure an appealing never-never fairyland, far more innocent than those devised by psychedelic peers like the Jefferson Airplane on "White Rabbit."

A fine sunny album of it's time that makes a lot of fun.
Viel Spass wünscht
                              SB1 Flac

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