Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Tommy Hoehn - Losing You To Sleep 1978 (Air Mail Recordings, Japan 2006) Flac

Tommy Hoehn is another in a long line of musicians from Memphis who should have been big but never even came close. Hoehn's first claim to fame was providing background vocals for Big Star's Third/Sister Lovers. He also sang some backups for another legendary "lost" Memphis band, the Scruffs. In the mid-'70s he recorded the classic power pop single "Blow Yourself Up" which was featured on Rhino's D.I.Y.: Come Out and Play: American Power Pop (1975-78) compilation. In 1977 Hoehn released his debut album, Spacebreak, and followed it up in 1978 with Losing You to Sleep on London Records.
Around this time he co-founded the band Prix with fellow Alex Chilton veteran Jon Tiven. They managed to release one single before disintegrating. In 1981 Hoehn put out another LP, I Do Love the Light, and then, for the most part, vanished. He returned in a big way in 1997 releasing two albums, Of Moons & Fools and Turning Dance, for the Frankenstein label. In 1999 he joined forces with fellow obscure Memphis pop legend Van Duren to record an album. Hailstone Holiday was hailed as a return to form for both men.

This is the 2006 release by Air Mail Recordings with 8 more tracks.
Great Power Pop album. All the works of Tommy Hoehn are amazing. Don't miss it if you don't know the album.
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  1. Great record! If you have any of his other lps - solo or with Van Duren - I would love to hear them. Thanks