Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Greg Swann - Fever Dream (Bam Balam 1996) mp3

This guy is like a ghost. It's really hard to get some more infos as three, four sentences about him on the web. Is it Rock, is it Power Pop, is it both or is it ...? Howoever i like what he did here on this album. In some songs it remembers me to R.E.M. and in the next moment it's different.
This is for sure no party power pop album but to me it is a quality work of this musician. Most of his records are self released and i don't know why. Other albums by him are also pretty good. Okay, you decide.
           Frank   mp3@320


  1. Frank,
    I love this album - if I could acquire a lossless copy, my life would be complete. Would you have such a beast - or could you ask your readership if anyone might help? many thanks for all you do.

  2. Hello Dave, i am sorry but i have nothing in lossless by Gregg. :-(