Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Robin Zander - Robin Zander 1993 (1996) mp3

Hello Folks and friends here comes after Mr. Carlos yesterday the second guy of Cheap Trick, the wonderful Power Pop Rockband from the United States. To me the band is legendary also because they took Power Pop in the livingrooms in the seventies not only in the US but also around the world.   I remember very well when 'I want you to want me' and the Budokan album came over Germany....ah those were the days...Okay stop!!! Enough of forty years old stories lol. Enjoy the album by Robin Zander because it's a good one and the vocals of Robin Zander are always outstanding. 4 and a half star out of 6. :-)
Cheers Frank 

Unlike many lead singers of successful bands, Cheap Trick's Robin Zander waited until after the commercial fortunes of his band had dissipated before offering a solo project. Although fellow Trickster Tom Peterssen plays bass on one track ("Emily") and Rick Nielsen co-wrote another ("Secret"), Zander had aligned himself with Southern California session men, such as Gregg Bissonette, Kim Bullard and Steve Ferris. Guests ranging from members of the Heartbreakers, Maria McKee, Dr. John, and Stevie Nicks also lend their talents. At heart, though, the artist doesn't deviate much from his work with Cheap Trick.
It's a balanced mix of taut, power pop ("Reactionary Girl," "I've Always Got You"), heartfelt ballads ("Show Me Heaven," "Time Will Let You Know"), and tasty covers (Harry Nilsson's "Jump Into The Fire," Neil Young's "I Believe In You"). Zander's not redefining pi here. Instead, it's fifty minutes of well-crafted rock delivered by one of the most-gifted vocalists and frontmen in rock history.(



  1. I've tried to download several times and keep getting corrupt file notices.

  2. @Lynn: Hello Lynn i have tried by myself and it works fine.Maybe you should try to use other rar/zip software. I packed the files with winRar. Maybe this helps. Try it also with the Blow Pops. Hope it will help
    Kind regards