Wednesday, 1 March 2017

A Classic Power Pop Album From 1979

 Get The Knack - The Knack 1979

 The Knack attempted to update the Beatles sound for the new wave era on their debut -- a good idea that was well executed, but critics cried "foul" when millions sold after Capitol's pre-release hype (it went gold in 13 days and eventually sold five million copies, making it one of the most successful debuts in history). Get the Knack is at once sleazy, sexist, hook-filled, and endlessly catchy -- above all, it's a guilty pleasure and an exercise in simple fun. When is power pop legitimate anyway? Includes the unforgettable hits "My Sharona" and "Good Girls Don't." (allmusic)

...and ten more unforgettable hits. In 1979 when the album came out it kicked me out of my shoes. My Sharona sounds from every radio and everywhere you go. But it was not only My Sharona, to me it whas the whole album. Twelve songs made for dancing the night away. To me the album was like to be in heaven. And i listen today to the album, not like i have done it in '79 but from time to time.
If you like it...enjoy!
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  1. Too right! I have to admit that I played the single to death when it was released (a 14th birthday present!) and dismissed the albul itself. How wrong I was: Thanks a lot for this!Have a nice day!