Monday, 20 March 2017

Hilly Michaels - Calling All Girls (1980) mp3

Still blazing hot following his stints alongside Ellen Foley and Hunter-Ronson, Hilly Michaels completed his transition from session drummer to solo superstar with the release of Calling All Girls, one of the signature hits of the early '80s, and one of the defining elements in the gestating new wave blueprint. Comparable to a superior revision of the Cars ' finest moments, "Calling All Girls" was notable, too, for a video that simply devoured the fledgling MTV, and the accompanying album proved that it's idiosyncratic brilliance was no fluke. With producer Roy Thomas Baker at the top of his game, and Michaels accompanied by an all-star line up of friends and admirers (Liza Minelli, Lorna Luft, Ellen Foley, G.E. Smith, Davey Johnstone, and Dan Hartman all appear), Calling All Girls delivered a non-stop diet of quirk, quizzicality, and often deliriously over-the-top pop drama, with the signature hit single just one of more highlights than many period artists shoehorned into their entire careers. That no further major hits spun off the disc is one of those mysteries that will never be solved, but the producers of Caddyshack saw the joy of "Something on Your Mind," and fresh listens to the whole thing retrieve new delights every time.

 Power Pop with a little New Wave influences and a LOT CANDY POP. ''U.S. Male'' in example works with Queen influences in a very lovely and funny way. This is an album with very big fun factor. Great!
(You will) Have fun
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  1. I have this record, and haven't listened to it in years. I'm looking forward to renewing my acquaintance. Thanks! - Stinky

  2. Gret record, thanks! I remember seeing the video clips for "Calling All Girls and "Shake It And Dance" whilst still in high school in 1980 and thinking, who the heck is THIS guy!!! Had to buy the LP and it's all good!! Hilly was also in the "Big Beat" era Sparks lineup as well........