Monday, 20 March 2017

At Request: The Spongetones - Beat Music (1982) mp3

Here is the 1982 album ''Beat Music'' by the Spongetones who is heavily influenced of the british beat from the sixties. Wonderful album. 5 and a half stars out of 6.
          SB1 mp3@320

Beat Music, the Spongetones' debut album, features some of their finest music, drawing heavily on the Beatles, Dave Clark Five, and Hollies without shame. And while this is certainly derivative stuff, rarely is a nostalgia trip so well executed and enjoyable. Beat Music and its follow-up, Torn Apart, have been combined on a single disc, Beat & Torn, released on Black Vinyl Records.(


  1. Thanks for this wonderful debut album. Do you have "Torn Apart" too?
    James from Barcelona.

  2. Ola James, i have Beat & Torn. I will upload it a little later.