Sunday, 12 February 2017

The Rembrandts - The Rembrandts (1990) Flac

One of the more noteworthy "jangly guitar" acts of the 1990s, the Rembrandts were off to an enjoyable start with this debut album. Melodic and congenial but far from wimpy, such pop/rock as "If Not for Misery," "New King" and the small hit "Just The Way It Is, Baby" set the tone for the L.A. duo's career. A variety of influences from previous decades can be detected -- everyone from the Beatles to the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash to the Everly Brothers. And yet, this CD never sounds dated, and has a definite freshness to it. With so many rap, metal and industrial acts expressing deep pessimism in 1990, the optimistic, socio-political idealism of "Everyday People" (not to be confused with the Sly & the Family Stone classic) was a refreshing change.(

Like all the work of the Rembrandts the debut had a string of great pop songs, too. And 'Just the way...' wasn't a 'small' hit. In most of the european countries it sold very well and reached the 'Top Ten' and gave them a great reputation. In the U.S. billboard Hot 100 charts the single peaked at 14.
I will post more Rembrandts in the next days and hope you like it.
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  1. Always liked the sound of the Rembrandts, but stayed away because 'I'll be There..."...thanx for the opportunity to check em out

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  3. Any chance for another reup? Sad I missed this one.