Monday, 13 February 2017

Five In One...Ladies and Gents...The Windbreakers!!!

Hello Folks,
 hope everything is fine to you and you enjoy the day. I post here four albums and one ep of the great Windbreakers, a marvelous project from the eighties, founded by Tim Lee and Bobby Sutliff. Both are well known in power pop fan circles for her musical work in Power Pop, Paisley Underground and Jangle Pop.

We have here the 1985 ep 'I'll Be Back', the 1985 album 'Terminal', the 'Run' album from '86,  'A Different Sort' of 1987 and 'At Home With Bobby & Tim' released in 1989.
 The band is a perfect example of southern jangle pop with great songwriting skills and the production of Mitch Easter. Further members of the ''Breakers'' were Jeff Louis, Eric Arhelger, Joe Partridge and David Minchew.                        
After 'Run' the second album of the band Sutliff left the band and went solo with his album 'Only Ghosts Remain' from '87. He returned to the band for the fourth longplayer 'At Home with...'in 1989.

If you don't know it, grab it and if you know it and don't have it you will grab it for sure lol.
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  1. Thank you so much for these, I've wanted to hear them for a long time. A wish come true!

  2. Terminal was a huge influence on me!