Thursday, 16 February 2017

Silver Sun - A Lick And A Promise (Expanded, 2014) mp3

Silver Sun - A Lick And A Promise (Japan 2014)

Some bands churn out new records like there's no tomorrow and launch each one with a dizzying amount of fanfare. On the contrary, Silver Sun have slipped out their first studio record since 1995 with barely even a word. I've been an avid fan of the band for ten years, but `A Lick and a Promise' only reached my consciousness thanks to the heads-up of an old friend who introduced me to them in the first place.

It's impossible not to bemoan the fact that an eighteen year career has elicited only five studio albums and an astonishing lack of recognition from the general public. Fortunately, the quality of the band's work makes it just about possible to forgive them, and this latest slice of pure British power-pop more than deserves its place amongst past glories.

Lead singer and mastermind James Broad's vocals are instantly recognisable and well-suited to the soaring, Beach Boys style harmonies of the backing vocals, and the summery riffs they employed so well in their earlier triumphs are used once more here, particularly in opening track `I Just Wanna Treat You Right'. I defy you not to smile the moment the beat kicks in, for it's a Silver Sun classic to nestle comfortably alongside such pearls as `Lava' and `Julia'.

Of course, when the standards they set are so high, it's inevitable there will be a few tracks that don't quite match up to the rest. `Bottom Of The Class', `Pariah' and `Pixelvision' haven't quite hooked me yet, but frankly, Silver Sun's weaker songs still outstrip most bands' best work without even breaking a sweat.
Silver Sun are, quite possibly, the best band you've never heard of, and `A Lick and a Promise' marks a very welcome return.(Quills@amazon)
Do you know Silver Sun? Don't miss it!!!
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  1. Holy crap! Silver Sun was one of my favorite bands back in the day. Their first album, and the B-sides collection, are constantly in rotation in my music collection. I had NO IDEA that they had a new album out. I can't wait to give it a listen!


  2. Thank you for featuring this great amazing band that rocks so hard with such a shiny outer coating. The Japan offerings are much appreciated!