Thursday, 16 February 2017

Badfinger solo: Mike Gibbins - A Place In Time 1997 Flac

As the drummer for Badfinger (and its predecessor band, the Iveys), Mike Gibbins demonstrated that he was a slightly above average drummer who seemed to owe more to the Keith Moon school of drumming than Ringo Starr, to whom he was more often compared. Also, with Badfinger, Gibbons was able to demonstrate a mellower side, writing some of their most beautiful tracks (check out "My Heart Goes Out" from 1974's Badfinger, and "Cowboy" from Ass). On this, his debut solo offering, Gibbons attempts to put the ballads on the back burner and rock out.
The main problem with this CD is that it's a standard mid-'70s rock album, unfortunately not all that well written or played. The album is full of elementary rhymes ("Sue Me" is a main culprit) and standard love songs ("Time In," "Overdue," "Please Please") that aren't so much bad, just boring and indistinguishable from each other. The highlight is the beautiful ballad "Picture of You," which brings to mind Badfinger's glory days, and also shows what Gibbons is capable of writing. This is very much a solo project, with Gibbons handling the majority of instruments (assisted by Rick Warsing, who is able to make some of the songs interesting with his guitar solos), writing, and production. Perhaps outside input may have been helpful. Overall, a disappointing affair, but fans may enjoy hearing this outing. Perhaps Gibbons is better served as a member of a band, where he can contribute the odd song of two. On this release, it is clear he is not able to maintain an entire album on his own. (

This is the first solo album by Mike Gibbins as far as i know. I think this album is for Badfinger fans in first line. To me it is a disappointing effort all in all. I think it was no good idea do all the things alone (except guitars and harp). I post it here for fans (like me) who want it in her digital collection. This link is limited until 20 Feb 2017
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  1. now this is an album i've been looking for a looong time-many many thanks.

  2. Hello billy, i will post the ''More Annoying Songs'' album from year 2000 also in the next days
    Greetz Frank

  3. thanks,i'll look forward to that,there was a site that had tasters of his own cd's that i visited a few years ago..and i was really impressed[had forgotten until i saw this blog]-i also like this one a lot-the modern production is the only thing that obscures the quality of some of the songs.....also a big fan of the first warners album that i noticed you've put fact always been my number one of all of theirs'

  4. where is the file?

  5. @Anonymous: Hello Anonymous, the file was up for a limited time. Thanks for your polite comment.

  6. @Anonymous: Try this. It's up until tomorrow.!Ww1AhTxC!z5kJ9uD4Q6emO6ZcZf4P3xoSMDQ3sVg7pb0YKwX4dWQ