Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Fotomaker - Fotomaker (1978) 2005 mp3

Fotomaker had a pretty impressive pedigree. Guitarist/vocalist Wally Bryson came from power pop gods the Raspberries, and bassist Gene Cornish and drummer Dino Danelli were founding members of the Rascals. The other two bandmembers, guitarist/vocalist Lex Marchesi and keyboardist/vocalist Frankie Vinci, were no slouches either, as the two of them were responsible for most of the songwriting and singing on the band's fine 1978 debut. The record is very much in the power pop vein with walls of guitars, Beatlesque vocal harmonies, and big hooks. Unsurprisingly, they sound very much like the Raspberries, lacking that band's grandeur but replacing it with an easygoing charm.
Their classic song, "Where Have You Been All My Life," is easily a match for the Raspberries' best. It is the kind of song that guitars were invented for, and will be going around your head for hours after you hear it. The rest of the album can't match it but there are some fine songs, like "Can I Please Have Some More," the very Todd Rundgren-sounding "Two Can Make It Work," the power ballad "All These Years," and "Pain." There is a subtle soft rock undercurrent to many of the tunes that may put off rockers who prefer a harder edge, but it actually gives the record some texture. Fotomaker may not be the lost classic that one might hope for, but it is a fine pop record with a fair amount of power and some very fine songs.

Very nice pop record by Fotomaker. The names of the members guaranteed for big pop. Fotomaker had to further albums but this is her finest effort. Have fun!
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  1. This is a great album, and I agree their follow ups are not s good, but I have them if you're interested!

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