Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Fingerprintz - Distinguishing Marks (1980) Vinyl mp3@320

Now sadly relegated to footnote status, England's Fingerprintz were one of the few bands that lent credibility to the marketing-inspired expression "new wave." Formed by Scottish-born singer/guitarist Jimmie O'Neill in 1978, the 'Printz slowed down punk's careening guitar rock, adding clever, rhythmic twists and turns, and offering up deftly written stories about lust, angst, and urban desolation. The problem was finding an audience; the music was certainly spot-on, but one can only guess as to what kept hordes of people away. Certainly it wasn't the quality of their recorded work, which, despite occasional concessions to slick production, is mostly smart and insightful. Perhaps it was simply a matter of being out of step with the zeitgeist or simply not getting a break. O'Neill decided to call it a day after the third and final 'Printz record, Beat Noir, in 1981. However, the story has a sort of happy ending: O'Neill and fellow 'Printz guitarist Cha Burns formed the Silencers in 1987, a band that reaped much greater commercial success than did the 'Printz. Ironically, the Silencers' records weren't nearly as good as that of Fingerprintz. All three Fingerprintz records are long out of print, which is a thinly veiled recommendation for someone to compile a CD anthology.(

 With producer Nick Garvey (ex-Ducks Deluxe and Motors) leading the way, Distinguishing Marks has all the rough edges smoothed away, but not so much as to have a negative impact on the music. O'Neill's songs are still loaded with dark emotional undercurrents and melodramatic narratives, but they aren't self-pitying, narcissistic exercises. In fact, this LP marked a maturational process that continued with their third and last record. Still, no record better sums up the excellence of Fingerprintz better than this one.(

I just stumbled over this in my chaos and thought it's nice to post it. Haven't heard it for a long time. I think this have more new wave and post punk style. Enjoy it.
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  1. What a fantastic post. Love this band and this album. Jimmie O'Neill went on to even greater things (depending on your POV) with the magnificent Silencers. A much overlooked outfit and one of the saving graces of the largely musical over produced 1980's.