Thursday, 2 February 2017

Candy - Demos 1986/1987 mp3

I had no clue this exists. Today i searched my HD for a completely different thing (a classic musicpiece) and i stumbled over this. This are twelve completely different tracks as the album i post a few days ago. As i found it i thought it will be demos for the only album they released but how it looks this are really twelve other songs. No clue from where i got it. Okay hope some of you will enjoy it. The soundquality is really good. The audioquality is mp3@vbr around 256.
If you listen to this don't waste to much hairspray lol. I'm just kidding.
Have fun
              Frank  link

Tracks: 1) Number One 2) The Girl I Love 3) Matinee 4) Champagne 5) Sound Of A Broken Heart
             6) Dance America 7) M.O.N.E.Y.  8) Every Day Is Saturday Night 9) Johnny Was An Angel
             10) Change The World 11) Goodbye Goodtimes 12) My Favorite Star

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