Monday, 6 February 2017

Brent Cash - No posting but a suggestion. Highly recommended!!!

 Brent Cash - The New High (2017)

 Good day, folks. A lot work today but at the moment i take a little break to give you a suggestion of a very impressive new cd by a guy from Athens, Georgia. His name is Brent Cash and it's his third album ''The New High'' what about i'm talking here.
The songs remember me to different influences like Nilsson, Brian Wilson, Paul Williams and Bacharach. A piece power pop, a piece 60's sunshine pop, strings, brass and winds in the arrangements give the songs the fascinating breezy facility which awakes the songs to life. And Cash don't imitate the big names of pop songwriting, he is at the same level with these legends.
A last sentence: It's a long time ago since an album for this kind of music impressed me that strong. I highly recommend it!
You can purchase the album and other records of Brent Cash here, here and here.

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  1. Cool stuff. Did not know that Marina Records is still alive.


    Robert Pally