Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Toms - The Toms 1979 (2005 Not Lame) 2 CD edition Flac

This is a power pop classic from the late seventies, exactly 1979. ''The Toms'' was a project of Thomas Marolda. A project in that sense that he had some free time between the work for other artists in his studio (recording, playing, songwriting). I think he made the whole recordings ( playing, recording, producing, all by himself ) in three days what became ''The Toms''. And a power pop  legend was born. At the time he did the recordings he was already a well engaged musician with his skills and the recording studio. ''The Toms'' was for sure a good publicity for his further life as a successful musician. He worked on gold and platinum albums for many world known artists, soundtracks, TV specials and has written numerous award winning television commercials, radio jingles and other songs. He was nominated as writer and producer for best album of original score written for the motion picture ''Stayin' alive''. And there was and is a lot more. Just a great musician.
In 1997 ''Not Lame'' released the album on CD for the first time and 2005 once again with seven bonus tracks and twelve (then) unreleased songs ( and i think for making that possible we, who love this gem, owe also Bruce Brodeen a debt of gratitude).
Tom Marolda created a real power pop treasure with ''The Toms'' and everyone who loves this kind of pop music should hear it.

If you love what you hear you can buy ''The Toms'' and a lot more here

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