Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Exploding Hearts - Shattered (2006) Flac

Punkish Portland, OR, power pop quartet the Exploding Hearts had been playing together for over two years before their debut recording, Guitar Romantic, was released by Seattle-based indie Dirtnap Records in spring of 2003. Taking influence from bands like the Clash, the Undertones, and the Only Ones, the group comprised bassist Matt "Lock" Fitzgerald, drummer Jeremy "Kid Killer" Gage, vocalist/guitarist Adam "Baby" Cox, and guitarist Terry Six; early on, the band also included keyboardist "King" Louie Bankston and original bassist Jim Evans, but they both left prior to Guitar Romantic's release. The album won the guys (all in their early twenties) a well-deserved buzz among music fans, scribes, and labels, and the band was in high demand on the West Coast touring circuit. Tragically, though, just as the group was gearing up for a nationwide tour and rumored to be signing with Lookout! Records, their van veered out of control while returning home on July 20, 2003, from a San Francisco concert, killing Gage, Cox, and Fitzgerald. Six managed to escape with only minor injuries.
Dirtnap released the LP Shattered in the fall of 2006, compiling singles from the band's much-too-brief career, including alternative versions and mixes, as well as their unreleased final recordings; the album also featured five songs of live footage from (what became) the Exploding Hearts' final show at San Francisco's Bottom of the Hill.

The van accident that claimed the lives of three of the Exploding Hearts was tragic on many levels; musically, it wiped out the future of possibly the best punk band since 1977. They were one of the few bands to transcend their obvious influences (the Clash, Johnny Thunders, the Only Ones, the Real Kids to name a few) and come up with something worthy of being rated right alongside the originators of the sound. Their album Guitar Romantic is simply thrilling from beginning to end and the thought that there will never be a follow-up leaves a huge hole in the hearts of their fans. Luckily, Dirtnap realized this and put together Shattered, a wonderful and melancholy collection of rare single tracks, unreleased songs, their original demo form 2001, and alternate versions of tracks from Guitar Romantic.-Tim Sendra (Dirtnap)

What left to say? I don't know really. I had bought the ''Guitar Romantic'' album as it was released. And it was a very strange feeling as i read later the news then. I think it is a tragedy because these guys was so damned young. Music journalists often lament the loss of great musicians and that is also true. But hey, in first line they were young kids. I know it's no nice theme but that was my thoughts when i remembered this tragedy. Okay Folks, normally i wanted post the debut album but can't find it at the moment. And i have only a 320 on my HD drive. I will keep searching... ''Shattered is full of energy and fine power pop/punkrockin' songs. Hey ho let's go! Have fun


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