Tuesday, 17 January 2017

More and more from Mr Nick Gilder! ''Rock America (1980)'' Flac

Hello Folks, more Nick Gilder here and more will follow. He's a great musician with great songwriting skills. He wrote also a lot for other musicians and that with big success. Today here is ''Rock America'' of 1980. I can remember the first time i heard the album i noticed the big influence of the ''New Wave'' sound on the songs. At that time i wasn't in ''New Wave''.
For me it was a cold sound then. So i needed several times to listen to the record before i really enjoyed the music. For me it is a good album. For shure not his best but really enjoyable.I love the guitarwork here on the record, good ''Rock''-feel. I hope you enjoy it and i will post more Nick Gilder later.
           SB1 (Frank)


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