Sunday, 8 January 2017

Bob Segarini - Gotta Have Pop 1978 (1996)

While Bob Segarini has often been called "the Canadian Nick Lowe," in many respects he seems more like the Great White North's answer to Don Dixon. Like Dixon, he has a soul man's voice but also possesses a wicked sense of humor, and though he likes tough, hooky rockin' pop tunes served straight up, the former Wackers man goes for a more elaborate production approach than Lowe, and the eclecticism of his first solo album, Gotta Have Pop! recalls Lowe's superb debut, Pure Pop for Now People (not to mention Dixon's Most of the Girls Like to Dance but Only Some of the Boys Do). Gotta Have Pop! boasts ten great songs ranging from the purposefully smarmy "Don't Believe a Word I Say" and the punky "Dressed in the Dark" to the melodramatic "Hide Away" and the twisted high school lament "Steady Eddie," and at every turn Segarini hits a bullseye as a songwriter and vocalist wherever he aims. Segarini can sound honest and sincere on "I Don't Want to Lose You" and transform himself into the ultimate sleazeball a few moments later on "Don't Believe a Word I Say" with equal skill, and while he gets a polished, widescreen sound out of his band on these sessions, the album is admirably free of clutter, with a limited number of instruments going a long, long way. And perhaps the only Beatles fan to sing about the Fab Four's breakup with the same care and intelligence as Segarini manages on "Love Story" was one Ringo Starr, on his B-side "Early 1970." It's hard to imagine anyone who likes rock & roll not finding something to love on Gotta Have Pop! It's a tribute to the dear old days when hooks ruled the airwaves and evokes a number of lost eras without sinking into nostalgia, sounding as vital as anything recorded last week. This guy is a cult hero because he's smart, funny and talented, but in a better world, his cult wouldn't be the only ones paying attention.(

I will show more music from Bob Segarini and his projects here in the near future because he's just great. Imho Nick Lowe is ''the british Bob Segarini'' but that's my point of view. Hope you will like this album as well.




  1. love that album and always remember that great sleeve-kept it all these years

  2. Hey SuperBillie...
    I like your blog, very nice!
    Segarini is a terrific purveyor of pop... from his time way back with the Wackers right thru his wonderful solo career. Not sure if you have ever been to his blog...below is a link to his blog from Father's Day 2016. Check out the reference to Gotta Have Pop at the bottom! Than if you have the vinyl, you will have to take a look at it as well!

  3. KDNY, sorry for my late answer but i am a little busy at the moment. Thanks for the tip . Yes , i know his blog but i don't visit his blog regularly. Just from time to time. But i like like he tell his things.
    I will post more from Bob Segarini and his work in the near future.I love his stuff and the band projects.
    Thanks for your kind post