Friday, 9 December 2016

The School - Loveless Unbeliever (2010) mp3 & Loveless Unbeliever (2016 25th Elefant Anniversary Reissue) Flac

This band is best medicine against rainy days, homesick blues, loneliness, lover's grief and a lot of other bad gifts from life. It's fun fun fun! In my opinion no filler here.
The band is from Wales and formed in 2007. They signed a contract with spanish label Elephant records and after a series of singles they released the album ''Loveless Unbeliever'' in 2010. Second album was ''Reading too much into things like everything'' in year 2012. Latest album is ''Wasting away and wondering'' which was released in autumn 2015. All three records are really lovely ''fun music'' And i like them much. Hope you have fun too.

The mp3 link is in the comments!             Flac part1 & Flac part 2

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  1. The School - Loveless Unbeliever

    pass : SB1

  2. Thank you for this. Have enjoyed this album for years. Will be following your site. Best of luck!

  3. This album is the bomb! I want Liz Hunt to move to America and become my second wife! :)