Sunday, 13 August 2017

Sixties Beat/Pop From Germany: The Petards - A Deeper Blue 1968 Lp (Europa Records) Flac & mp3

The band was founded in 1966 by brothers Horst and Klaus Ebert. Hans Jürgen Schreiber (drums) left the band in june of'67 and for him came Arno Dittrich, at the time then one of the best drummers in Germany, in the band. The band won an important battle of the bands competition by radio and tv station SWF and after that they recorded the first album ''A Deeper Blue''. Their first two singles ''Golden Glass'' and ''Shoot Me Up To The Moon'' reached  the number one in different regional charts of Germany. 

To me the band is one of the best pop and beat bands from Germany of the time then.
Have fun
               SB1    Flac  &  mp3@320

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