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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Pop/Power Pop by Dwight Twilley - XXI (1996 Shelter Records) Flac & mp3@320

Despite critical raves at the time and the undeniable high quality of the songs, the Dwight Twilley Band never quite achieved the success they so sorely deserved. XXI collects the finer moments of the band's brief recording career, which only ran from 1976 to 1978, as well as highlights from Twilley's solo work, spanning from 1979 to late 1995.

This 21-track compilation offers a good sampling of album favorites, the hits ("I'm On Fire" and "Girls" -- both peaked at number 16), some lost should-of-been hits ("Shark" and "Somebody to Love"), a never-before-released song from an aborted 1994 album and a newly recorded track, "That Thing You Do."
For fans, the rarities and song-by-song commentary by Twilley make XXI an essential addition. For those unfamiliar with Twilley and company's perfect pop, there is no better place to start.(

Dwight Twilley is one of the great artists in power pop who is (despite his few hits) with his work very underrated. He never achieved the success he deserved with his music. Most of his songs have a special depth, not only in the ballads. There is no other power pop artist where you can hear that obviously what was the musical favourites (except the Beatles) of Twilley as a young man. No one carried the original Rock'n'Roll, how it sounds in the fifties, into power pop music like Twilley. And that's audible in a lot of his songs. Little Richard, Eddy Cochran, Elvis - they all are in the music of Dwight Twilley.

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  1. Thanks for this power pop germ. Love this guy and never ear this one.