Thursday, 6 July 2017

Sunshine/Baroque Pop: Inner Dialogue - Inner Dialogue 1969 (2010 Big Pink Records) Flac & mp3@320

Hello Folks, it's hard to find a review of this album maybe because it is a quite rare gem. Rather till 2010 as Big Pink records released it in 2010 again. In my ears this is a great album with very good songwriting and arrangements who don't must hide behind the best albums of the genre in the mid - late sixties. To me there is a slight jazzy feel underneath the surface of some songs and give the songs an additional push. Very good album and very recommendable.
The girls and guys made a second album in 1970 and i will post it later, too.

Enjoy it
             Frank                   Flac & mp3@320


  1. On Ranwood???

    I'm surprised they didn't get a push from the Lawrence Welk Show since he had a major stake in that label.

  2. Thank you Frank.