Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Pop from Germany 1972: Love And Tears - Love And Tears 1972 (Polydor Records) Flac & mp3@320

This is no Krautrock folks. Love and Tears was a pop band who was founded 1962 under the name ''Blue Moons. They have played Beat sounds with german and english lyrics. At the change of the decade around this time they changed their name to Love And Tears and tried a more modern sound. In 1972 they released the debut album. On the song ''Action Man'' they worked together with producer Giorgio Moroder (well known of Donna Summer fame) All in all the album was no success. The band called it quits in 1975. The band was also the backing band of then very successful german singer Michael Holm. Different members of the band later would be successful singers and/or songwriters in the german ''Schlager'' music. The album was kindly contributed by D&J of Old Melodies/Wings Of Dream blog. A very big 'Thank You' to you guys :-) !

          Frank    Flac part 1  &  Flac part2        mp3@320


  1. thank you.
    you have The Blue Moons songs and Vulcan songs ?

    1. I have some of the Blue Moons but i think it's not the Songs and Vulcan Songs. I believe it's a collection of singles. If you are interested talk again to me
      Greetz Frank