Saturday, 15 July 2017

Part5 Of 5 - Cilla Black - Completely Cilla 1963-1973 (2012 EMI Records 5CD Box) Flac & mp3@320

Hello Folks, you know all come to an end and this is the last disc of the marvelous Cilla Black box. The last song of the last disc is called ''Silly Wasn't I'' and Mrs.Black is right. She wasn't. Hope you have fun with the music of Cilla Black.

           Frank   Flac p1 Disc5  &  Flac p2 Disc5  &  Flac p3 Disc5       - mp3@320 Disc5   

In case on disc five the track 14 should be corrupted you can download the track correctly here:
 Track 14 Disc 5 - I Hate Sunday mp3

Track 14 Disc 5 - I Hate Sunday Flac 


  1. Hi mate, thank you so much for Cilla! Unfortunately track 14 from the 5th cd (I Hate Sunday) is corrupted, is it possible to re-post that track? Thanx in advance!

  2. Hello my man from Holland i added a link for the correct track in the post. Thanks for your tip
    Kind regards

  3. Good morning, thank you for the answer and correction, you're a gentleman! Wish you a great day!