Friday, 14 July 2017

Part3 Of 5 - Cilla Black - Completely Cilla 1963-1973 (2012 EMI Records 5CD Box) Flac & mp3@320

Good Morning, Good Day, Good Evening wherever you are. Once again it's nearly weekend and i assume we're all happy about it and can enjoy a well deserved two day break of work (at least in far parts of the world) or how long it last in your country.And that's what i wanna wish all of you; Hours of relaxing, loving, laughing, enjoying the sun, enjoying the rain, enjoying the time you are together with the people you love and and and all what you love and like the most. And maybe you will take time to listen a little more to the box of this very lovely lady of Liverpool.

I confess i haven't heard the complete box no more for a very long time. Only one disc here one disc there from time to time. And sure in times like this where music is available everywhere that fast like never before in the history of mankind sometimes is hard not to jump from one artist and his/her music to another. I think it's very important, in our times where the speed of life is so fast, to slow down in particular parts of our life. And that was it whereby the box remembered me: To cool down the pace and listen to the music. Long story short: i listened to the whole box and it was a great fun.
On the box are songs who don't catch me but a huge amount of the around 140 songs have a magic appeal to all my musical senses. And there are some real killer gems on the five discs. Take time and find yours. 

A lot fun and a great weekend
                                               Frank   Flac p1 Disc3Flac p2 Disc3Flac p3 Disc3                                                                                                                                                               mp3@320 Disc3

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