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PART1 Of 5 - Cilla Black - Completely Cilla 1963-1973 (2012 EMI Records 5CD Box) Flac & mp3@320

Cilla Black wasn't a natural singer when the Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein, discovered her, and while she learned the ropes well enough and developed into a strong ballad singer, she was never a serious threat to Dusty Springfield in the talent department. But the pop world isn't really about pure talent as much as it is a matter of timing, luck, having the right look, and maybe most of all, good material and good production. Black had all of those things going for her in the early '60s, and since her producer throughout the decade was none other than George Martin, her signature body of work between 1963 and 1973, the period covered by this lavish box set (released in advance of Black's 50th anniversary as a performer in 2013), holds up pretty well all these years later

Not bad for a onetime hatcheck girl at the Cavern Club -- out of all Epstein's Liverpool acts, which also included Gerry & the Pacemakers and Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas, she trailed only the Beatles in total record sales. This six-disc box (five CDs and a DVD) collects all the A- and B-sides of her singles, her EPs, and her seven LPs in the order they were recorded, 139 songs in all, the majority of which were produced by Martin. The DVD is also a real treat, featuring 25 video clips drawn from her BBC shows and television appearances from the same time period. Throw in the 36-page booklet that accompanies things, and this set is the complete deal, the most complete presentation yet of Black's work from her peak commercial years.(allmusic)

I will post this Box (except the DVD) in the coming next days. Today, i think i will post the first two discs and the other s tomorrow.
This is a wonderful box of Cilla Black and as you have read in the review all official releases are here together in this package. The artwork is really nice done. A lot of musicians and people of the times then tell about her work with Cilla Black.
Musically this release is a real treasure box and i think if Cilla Black had concentrated only on her career as a singer and musician she stands today and probably for all times on the top of british female world stars. I think you will have fun with this box as i do. Let's start with disc one.

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  1. The Cilla motherlode!

    Hugely, vastly, incredibly under-rated. She should be regarded, in the context of 60s Brit female hitmakers, as up there with Dusty Springfield and in my mind is superior to the likes of Sandie Shaw (who is interesting in parts but not on a par with Our Cilla.

    Anyone wanting an intro to her talent, skip the big hits and head for the George Martin produced 'What the World needs now is love sweet love'. She sings it beautifully and George Martin's arrangement as good as anything he did for Gerry & The Pacemakers or that other lot.

    I have this on CD, so thanks for the mp3/flac versions, Frank. I have to say that the blog has offered up one wonderful posting after another over months, but particularly in the past couple of weeks. One gem after another, some well known to me, some new. Thanks so much.


    1. Hello James, one of the nicest comments i've ever got here. Thanks for that.
      Best regards

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  3. A great track listing, way beyond the few well known tracks.

    Password protected. Have I missed it somewhere - could you please show.



    1. Looked and found!

      Apologies for raising the question.