Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Micky of the Monkees: Micky Dolenz - King For A Day (2010 Gigatone) Flac & mp3

King for a Day is not a boast from Mickey Dolenz -- nor is it a collection of XTC covers -- it’s an album-length salute to Carole King, one of the great pop songwriters of the 20th Century. Dolenz isn’t necessarily such a skilled singer that he redefines or reinterpret these songs but these songs aren’t designed for showboating: these are songs that belong to everyone, songs where anyone can sing along, so they lend themselves to Mickey’s cheerful readings.
He’s so friendly it’s possible to hear him smile as he sings even on songs that perhaps should have a bittersweet bent (“Will You Love Me Tomorrow”) or are just downright sweetly sad (“Crying in the Rain”), but this is unabashed, unapologetic nostalgia tainted only by an unintentionally creepy duet with Emily Osment on “I Feel the Earth Move.”(allmusic, Mr. Erlewine!)

Thank you so much Mr. Erlewine for your very helpful information about this are no XTC covers.
What would i do without your helping hand...

Hello Folks, if you don't know this work of Micky Dolenz you maybe want give it a try.
Have fun
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  1. Thank you! I love his solo albums.