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Kaleidoscope (US) - Pulsating Dreams The Epic Recordings (2007 Acadia) Flac

It's a little surprising that a cult band like Kaleidoscope would get honored with an all-out three-CD set, considering the limited market. But here it is, and it certainly leaves no stone unturned, including the entire recorded output of the band while they were on Epic. That essentially covers the entire period of interest to most fans, spanning the band's formation to their breakup in the early '70s (though they subsequently reunited for some albums that aren't represented here).

In addition to everything from their albums Side Trips, A Beacon from Mars, Incredible, and Bernice, it has quite a few tracks that only showed up on non-LP singles or as outtakes on posthumous compilations. And some of those extras aren't even easily found on Kaleidoscope compilations, namely the old-timey psychedelia of the early B-side "Little Orphan Nannie" and the less impressive, heavily bluesy 1968 B-side "Just a Taste."

The problem with this compilation is not so much to do with the music as whether it might be suitable for either the completist or neophyte. The completist might well already have virtually all of this on the albums and scattered comps, and resent having to fork out for a three-CD set just to get those two B-sides; the neophyte might find it way too much to start (and end) with, both in length and expense. But -- if you want the complete works of Kaleidoscope in their first and best incarnation, it's all here, down to the crazy psychedelic soul single they did with Larry Williams and Johnny "Guitar" Watson, "Nobody."

It's also well annotated, and contains plenty of exhilarating psychedelic world fusion highs, though the band's incredibly eclectic scope means there are some turkeys as well. Plus, some of those non-LP items aren't mere frivolities -- the B-side "Rampe, Rampe," for instance, is a superb Greek-like instrumental that winds itself up into a frenzy.(allmusic)

Back cover 2004 edition

This is a very well done compilation. The package is very nice made. About the music is nothing to say as all the great stuff is here. If you like it buy it. If not that's the wrong band for you.

Have fun
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  1. Info only - no criticism intended
    Actually it misses a handful of rare tracks
    1. There are two songs on Zabriskie Point soundtrack which are omitted despite being Epic era.
    2. There are two Epic outtakes on one of Ptolomaic Terascope's free singles: I'm A Hog and Little Orphan Annie. The latter appears on Pulsating Dreams, the former does not
    3. The single Just A Taste exists in two different mixes. One appears on Pulsating Dreams but the other does not. It appears on KSAN Vault Crawl disc 6.

    1. Hello John, at first thanks for the comment and for this information.
      I am not such a big fan or expert of the band that i know everything about their work. What i see once again (and your information confirm me) is that the so called ''professionels'' of allmusic have often no clue what they do. This is not the first time they have wrong informations on their sides. I believe things like this happen if you are only in it for the money. allmusic is a commercial site with the goal to make money. That's okay as long as they do good work. But that seems not to be the case with allmusic. Anyway i use the reviews to give the people, who don't know the artist i am posting, some little informations. I often can't agree with the reviews because my opinion is complete different in many cases but that's okay because that is the freedom of opinion, a very important achievement in free societys. Not okay is it to give wrong informations. And for that i am glad about your comment, John. Thanks and have a nice day