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Jason Falkner - Presents Author Unknown 1996 Flac & mp3@320

You may remember Jason Falkner from helping out buddy Eric Matthews craft a tasty bit of pop music in 1995. Well, he's done it again, only all by himself this time. Writing, producing, singing, and playing nearly everything except the occasional guitar overdub (and strings), Jason has released a one-man pop tour de force. Hooks abound and won't let you down. The more you listen, the more you'll find yourself humming along. Standout tracks include "I Go Astray" and "Don't Show Me Heaven," but all are worthy of a listen. It's good ol' pop music. Better still, it's good music.(allmusic.com)

Bio (excerpts)

 A onetime member of the West Coast neo-psychedelic bands the Three O'Clock and Jellyfish, Jason Falkner went out on his own by 1996, playing jagged power pop with impeccable arrangements, a clue to both his classically trained childhood and additional time spent working on the first LP by another classical popster, Eric Matthews. Born in Los Angeles in 1968, Falkner grew up listening to West Coast pop bands like Love and Crosby, Stills & Nash but later began taking piano lessons in preparation for a classical career. Pop music regained control of his life when he discovered his sister's punk/new wave collection, and Falkner began playing the guitar, later appearing in several bands from his high school.

Not long after graduation, Falkner joined the Three O'Clock, leaders of the Los Angeles paisley underground scene, for their major-label debut (but sixth LP overall), 1988's Vermillion. Though solid, the album was unfortunately their last, and the band broke up soon after.
Later followed Jellyfish. After just one album he leaves the band and recorded with The Grays the pop classic Ro Sham Bo in 1994. After working with Eric Matthews around' 96 he recorded his first solo work Presents Author Unknown also in 1996. ( excerpts of allmusic and by me)

In the world of pop/power pop music the name Jason Falkner guarantees 100% top notch songs, guitar work, studio work...everything of his efforts in music business are always on a top level. And that's the reasons why he enjoy this great reputation. I am a real fan of Jason Falkner because i'm a guitarist for a very long time, too and he inspired me with his play since i heard him for the first time.
If you love Power Pop music and you don't know the album give it a try.

Have fun
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