Monday, 19 June 2017

Various Artists - Decca Originals - The Psychedelic Scene Flac & mp3

This is from a series called ''Decca Originals - The Scene'' as far i know and have nine volumes i believe.
I am not sure because i have only seven volumes and i am too lazy to google around. I will look if a friend of mine can give me the missing two volumes.  Today i post ''Decca Originals - The Psychedelic Scene''. It's a fine collection of the psychedelic scene from the sixties. Here is the track list and i hope you will like it. Tomorrow the next volume will follow.

Have fun
               Frank    Flac p1  &  Flac p2     - mp3@320

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  1. Hi, these are the volumes that I have, Mod Scene Vol 2 has been added later I believe.
    However my copies are @vbr so you're updates are very welcome, thanx for that!

    The Beat Scene
    The Blues Scene
    The Girls Scene
    The Mod Scene
    The Mod Scene Vol 2
    The Northern Soul Scene
    The Psychedelic Scene
    The R&B Scene
    The R&R Scene
    The UK Freakbeat Scene