Thursday, 8 June 2017

The Cleaners From Venus ‎- Box Set Vol. 1 - 1981-1982 - 3CD-BOX (2012 Captured Tracks Records) Flac

This three-disc set collects the first three albums -- Blow Away Your Troubles, On Any Normal Monday, and Midnight Cleaners -- from English lo-fi, sunshine pop provocateurs Lol Elliot and Martin Newell, otherwise known as the Cleaners from Venus. Listeners who are only familiar with Newell's solo outings or the group's more studio oriented, mid-'80s material may be put off by the fluctuating fidelity of these home-recorded works, but there are enough gems lurking here, like "Marilyn on a Train," "Only a Shadow," and "Be an Idiot Popstar" to warrant more than just a cursory spin.(

A lot of great stuff inside of this three album box. This ''home-recorded'' works have a good quality, more quality at least than a 3 disc box review with maybe around 150 words.

This time no mp3 files. Please for this time convert by yourself the lossless files.
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  1. I totally love these guys! Whatever you have to share, especially (but not only) in lossless will be well appreciated around these parts. Thank you!!!

  2. Great, would love to see other volumes of this if you have them!

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    1. Hello kevin you find the password in the upper right side above the little guitar. The password is always SB1 .
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  4. Ha, thanks a lot. I asked Illya all day, but he's not in touch I think. You have saved my once lost but now found weekend!!
    Napoleon Solo

  5. Napoleon Solo walks you around. Thanks too and, by the way, if you don't worry about the ads, ignore the rats too.