Sunday, 11 June 2017

Sunnyboys - Sunnyboys Play The Best (1991 Mushroom Milestones) Flac & mp3

This Australian band successfully combined the new wave energy of the early 80s with the guitar sounds of the 60s. They came on to the Sydney scene in 1980, with a softer sound, a refreshing change from the heavy rock sound that dominated Sydney at the time. They were popular in New South Wales, but were unable to match this elsewhere with only three singles making the lower reaches of the Australian charts, perhaps owing to their inconsistent live performances.

By their third album the band had lost its way, and went to the UK to re-assess their career. There they produced a strong album which did not do well, and so they disbanded in 1984. Jeremy Oxley re-formed the group in 1987, with Peter Hiencenberg (drums), Nick Freedman (guitar) and Phil Smith (bass), and completed one album.(

Underrated Wave Power pop band from Australia.
Have fun
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