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Scottish Pop of the seventies: Pilot - A's, B's & Rarities (2005 EMI Gold, EMI Records) Flac & mp3

It seems strange to see the output of Mickie Most's RAK label finally being taken seriously by record labels as well as collectors, 30-plus-years after the imprint established itself as the epitome of disposable pop tunes. Yet EMI's ongoing A's, B's & Rarities series offers nothing less than the same thorough treatment that any other, more hallowed, label could expect. The format is essentially the same throughout: a gathering up of every RAK single (A-sides and B-sides) released by a given band, with the remainder of the CD filled with choice outtakes and oddities. Sadly, whereas other entries in this series -- Mud, Arrows, CCS, Hot Chocolate, Suzi Quatro -- can effortlessly address that criteria, Pilot really should have been saved for some future "best-of the rest of" set. The fact is, despite the four U.K. hits they racked up in a year (including the Top Ten "Magic" and the chart-topping "January") they really weren't that great a band, the missing link between Smokie and 10cc, with a shot of Fox thrown in for good measure. Yet A's, B's & Rarities avoids many of the pitfalls that this set should have laid bare, by virtue of some genuinely cunning programming. The original (non-hit) version of "Just a Smile" is replaced by a remix; 1975's "Lady Luck" single makes its CD debut, alongside David Paton's scarcely known 1980 solo single "No Ties No Strings," while the sequence of flop 45's that led up to Pilot's departure for Arista are all brought together. And the stuff does grow on you, to the point where even "January" doesn't sound quite so annoying as it used to. This remains the weakest link in the A's, B's & Rarities series so far. But maybe it isn't as redundant as one originally thought.(

 Note: This collection got 4 and a half stars by allmusic and the same by its readers.
Quote: ...they really weren't that great a band, the missing link between Smokie and 10cc, with a shot of Fox thrown in for good measure. End of quote! Hahahahahaha....

If you like pop music from the seventies on a top notch level you are right here.
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  1. Another terrible review which you've quite rightly demolished in one sentence.

    People might also like to know that the singer/bass player Davy Paton was also briefly in British teen idols The Bay City Rollers for a while, and they too are a much better band than they're given credit for, responsible for recording the definitive version of Tim Moore's 'Rock and Roll Love Letter', which is vastly superior to Moore's original or the much-lauded The Records.

    Sure...of their time and brief in their grip on the charts, but still worthy of investigation to anyone who likes this sort of music.

    Which brings me to Blue...not the recent teenybopper band, but the one led by Hugh Nicholson in the mid-70s , who possibly ARE the missing link between 10cc and...someone else, not Smokie...possibly Bandfinger (and who had future Wings guitarist Jimmy McCullough in their ranks).

    1. Hello John, nice you mention the Bay City Rollers. All of the guys were musicians and Rock'n'Roll Love Letter is one of the best versions of the song i've heard. If you believe me or not i have a lot of stuff of this guys. Somewhere on allmusic i read an article where the writer said he can't understand how good players can use their skills for making ''pop music''. I only thought for me: BECAUSE they are good musicians you dumb...''
      I agree Blue from the seventies were really good. They had a lot of very fine stuff. And talk about 10cc: These guys are gods (i know sometimes i talk like a teenage fan :-)but, related to music, that's what i am. And that's also the magic of pop music i think; we all can be 14 years old headbangers no matter if we are 50, 60, 70 or whatever years old and have a good time.
      I better stop now or i will never ever stop again, lol.Okay James wish you a nice weekend and by the way i really appreciate your comments. Knowledge paired with a personal opinion is always good for a exchange of views. Thanks for that

  2. Thanks for this! Always loved their hit, and I'll gladly dig deeper into their catalogue. - Stinky